Hanged, Drawn and Quartered


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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Bon sang, ce sont des riffs obscurs et sombres ici. Ces mecs sont en train de botter le cul et de prendre des noms. Cela va aller très bien sur les oreilles quand je suis à un peu de famille se réunir et ma belle-soeur commence à se plaindre. Il suffit de pop sur ce et laissez bouillir la rage. Favorite track: Superior Evil.
John Chaos Alexander
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John Chaos Alexander HM2 Death Metal, For fans of Entombed ,Nirvana2002 , Carnage, Dismember, Pains, Nails Favorite track: Anthropophagic Terror Machine.
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V666 A twisted, aggressive and pummeling mix of genres - hardcore, crust, metal, rock'n roll - in a intense yet melodic approach. France always delivering sick and raw stuff. Recommended when on your way to visit your ex-girlfriend for a quickie. Favorite track: Atomic Gig Cemetary.
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TANKER Records - TR 039 - LP/CD -

11 Tracks - Lp 12" + cd - available at tankerpunx@hotmail.com


released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved



Crust Metal band from France, formed in February 2011.

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Track Name: Death Patrol

Break out the coffin
Slash and kill
Branded by black death
Escape the ground, finish the work
Hooded and threatening
Dark march over the living world
No breath, no heart beat
Blind army, murder for free
Fear the death patrol
Stench, streets paved in skulls
Containment and repression
Once a hero, now rotten flesh
Yet murderous, yet contageous
Forget the good, and keep the bad
Cops versus the dead
Evil goats against police dogs
Fight back your death is worthy
Expulsed from the living world
Back underground, failed entreprise
Equal in front of the reaper
Fear of the unwanted
Crisis of death, no murder jobs
Keep your skills, just fuck the back off
Track Name: Anthropophagic Terror Machine

Well I want Beer, So I Need Cash
I have to go out and find a fucking ATM
Walking under rain
With my quest in mind
Find a cash machine
To finally get some beers
I can't wait to use my card
Another debt for booze
I only can't only get a thing
The emptiness of streets
Here it's finally
My own holy grail
This beautiful machine
Puking bucks out of your ass
I'll just put my card
And see if it refuses it
I will see if I can
Finally get the beers
Weird things happening
The machine starts shaking
Terrific noise out the shit
I'm startin' to be afraid
It swallows my arm
It swallows my head
I can see the teeth
Of this financial system
I escape safe, my withdrawal's still going on
It turns out that the only thing I get
Is a shredded dick in a 10€ buck
And next time I need beer I'll steal it from the store
Track Name: Atomic Gig Cemetary

Went to a gig last night, parked my B-18
Rocked my ass out the plane and ran into the pit
I met some friends of mine, cyclops and amputees
A bunch of crusty warriors here for the drink and the noise
Cripple punks / Psychopaths / Pure madness
Stench of beer / Endless smoke / Spikes attack
Up the punx / Power noise / D-beat Reich
Evil screams / Circle pits / Doomsday gig
People throwing the bomb, the pit is going nuts
The bomb starts to glow, drunk punx expect it to blow
Everybody's waiting, flows of beer to cold the bomb
The bomb blows all the punks, thrash gig in outter space
Hole in soil, burning skulls
Atomic gig cemetary
Punx' blood rains
Alien punx / Irradiates / Deformed face
Nuclear beats / Fucked up brain / Post-apo
Dead audience / Flows of beer / Wolves attacks
D-beat war / Up the punx / Nuclear
And I Puked, woke up in my own Piss in a squat
And even the gig was finished
My brain is dead but what an awesome dream
I'll Keep on Drinking - Atomic Gig Cemetary again
Track Name: Captain ACAB

Sailing accross sea and land
Going where no one has ever been
Looking for a proper prey
To crush / To kill
Fight back all authority
Hate in guts, violence in mind
These are our words, partners in crime
Hunting all these fucking pigs
Destroy / Break free
Fight back this monopoly
A struggle
To survive
Save your soul
Kill a cop
Let's deal out justice
Sentence for pigs, harpooned head
Inevitable end for them, Bastards
A pig's nation going down
Opposition to their control
Rise against (the) pig conspiracy
Spread napalm
Burning / screaming
Fight back all authority
In for the kill
Seeing blue? I see red
Splattered cops: beauty of this world
Blood rivers drowning the streets
Crushing skulls in our hands
Dust and ashes of repression
Captain ACAB
Track Name: Superior Evil

Satanic reign nowadays
Just a trend, with no aim
Reversed cross and black clothes
6666 = son of a bitch
A teenage war and yet no scars
No evil change has been seen
Superior Evil
Satan's rising in the street
Black pavement, unholy feet
Lucifer sells but no recruits
Baphomets, pentagrams
Your evil merch is a scam
In league with satan just a joke
Superior Evil
Superior Evil
I can see you in the dark
Acting cool and yet no cruel
Superior Evil
Branded by death
We are legion
Rats crawling
Satan's army
No wannabe
A firestorm
To purify
Superior Evil
Track Name: Shitstorm

Dark as hell
Stench, A life in the Gutter
Such a shitstorm
Socially awkward, down on my knees
Begging salvation, lower and lower
No redemption
Track Name: Bastards

Ruling the world
No compassion
The bastards' reign
Thieves and robbers
Killers, murderers
Bring them down
Reach the power
Inhuman pricks
Would sell their soul
No soul no heart
Just growing sins
The bastards' reign
Mass media shit
Corrupted and fucked up minds
Life in a cage, cage of ideas, cage of money
Scum, greed
Nothing to lose
Everything's gone
Nothing to lose
Track Name: Warm beer & broken teeth

A punch - In my face
Bad taste - In my mouth
And broken teeth
Black out
I've got no memories
All things
Happening last night
Have faded
In tons of beers
Another fucked up night
Another fucked up morning
My lungs are black
My ears are bleeding
Pissdrunk and all fucked up
Puke all over my shirt
I reach total regression
Chaos is my ambition
Crawling in every bars
Acting like total retards
Stealing bottles, begging for more
Hops for dinner and grain for lunch
A hobo grin, a smell of gin
Squinting, farting yet smiling
A can of beer as a shelter
It helps me see the world better
Once again
The beer killed me
Some douche punched me
Dry blood
Arround a blue eye
Dry puke
All over my shirt
Flash back
Coming to my mind
The brandies
Coming out my ass
Track Name: Horses Will Tear Us Apart

Hear the hoofs
Smell the stench
Here come the horses
Black days
You're wretched
Their crimes pay
You're wretched
Rise on, Step On, Destroy
Horses of corruption screwing the laws
Under their hoofs, destroy the hollow
Hollow of man's unique salvation
The deservings, Hang drown and quartered
No hope in this evil hippocratia
We're all sentenced, we're all enslaved
They're tearing us, and thus is our fate
The deserving, Hang drown and quartered
Tear us apart
Track Name: Bestrafen

Müßiggang! Faulheit
Wörter die dein Leben herrschen!
Strafen! Sklaverei
Wörter die die Welt herrschen!
Fliehen! Widerstehen!
Ideen die die Welt zerstören
Werden wir ihnen bestrafen!
Bestrafte! Bestrafer!
Von einem zu einander
Bestrafte! Bestrafer!
Von einem zu einander
Reject values, no will to work
Idleness means resistance
Capitalist burden
A black march toward society
All work and no play make jack a dull boy
Track Name: Black Man's Blues

Endless Curse for narrow minds
Vultures circle, devour the eye
Salt a wound, swallow Pride
Hopeless march, hell is a ride
Inverted cross, total evil
No one to curse, Satan's no joy
Unholy rites, perverted nations
Lucifer's light already shines
Black cats in the streets, curses defeat
A swarm of crowes, satanic crownings
Human sells his soul, cripple morale
Evil takeover, change is coming
Misery, so much hate
Cataclysm / Eternal
Apocalypse / Blood
Stench of death
Taints mankind
This is the black man's blues
His call for desperation
This is Lucifer's doom
His will for retaliation
Evil terror is all around
The damn deal already done
This is the black man's blues
Reign of satan over the world