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Released By Tanker Records, Per Koro Records, Pumpkin Records, Impure Muzik, Dream Comes True, Crustatombe, Dingleberry Records, Kanivo Chaos and Deviance Records


released November 1, 2014

Recorded by Steph Desgantz @ Studio des Prairies in February 2014
Mastered @ Wild Horse Studio



all rights reserved



Crust Metal band from France, formed in February 2011.

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Track Name: Short Live The Code
Born as slave
Dead as such
Rethorics of a system
Based on work
Led by dorks

Fear the way you live your life
Breath the smell of their orders
Meant to be another slave
Black Code
Created to be equal
Death and work in the same line
The black mask of your burden
Black Code

You're fired, light fire/Reclaim your life
Glancing at their glance/Just leave the flock
Sabotage,Revoltage/We tend to this
Sabotage,Revoltage/Our hearts command

Life with no work, it ain't no dream, just a mind trick
Leave that life
Rethink the world/Rethink Global

Don't conform to their demand
Crush their hopes and their profit
Free yourself, rebuy your soul
Black Code

Sabotage, Revoltage/We tend to this
Sabotage, Revoltage/Our hearts command

Thus works the black code
Thus works the end
Give Up/Rise Up
Track Name: Infinite Infernal Road Infernö
Speed and flat tires
Smoke/Rusty Engine
Painful Road/Burning Bridges
Blood Black Asphalt
On the Road
The Needle Stuck in the red

Away, Away from your laws
We speed, we speed on the road

Gas lung/Slicking oil
Tanker/Fire breath
Car crash/Vision of death
Struggle 'til the hellgates

Infinite infernal road infernöh x2

Running away/Marrying the road

Try to find home/Highway to doldrums
Sedentary existence/All left behind
Gas and oil/Running in our veins
Struggle 'til the hellgates

Such pain, such torture
The engine of purgator
/May the road set us free
Infinite Infernal Road Infernöh
Track Name: Death By Giant Octopus
Struggle with tentacles
Fighting the claws
Life is such a squid
If you didn't know
It catches you
Brings you to the depth
Stick to the vows
It won't let you go

Death by giant octopus

Sinking ship, all aboard
Let's ride the sea
U-boat the theory
Water coffins
You shall be torn apart
Monstrous nemesis
Call of Cthulu
You reach the bottom

Death by giant octopus

We live, we're grabbed, we're drowned
What a great life path
We sail, we fight, we fish
Instinct of survival
We're tied, we choke, we cry
God damned mollusk
We live, we're grabbed, we're drowned
What a great life path

Cut off the limbs/Harpooned the head
Dry the corpse/Burn the monster

Naval ends
Death in depth
Maritime death
Octopus end
Track Name: State Tantra
Feel your sweet hands
Wrapping my neck
Tender caress
I'm on your way
Manipulate my body and my mind
Please let me think existence is joyful
Life's so cozy I'm in love with you
Patronize me I need you just to be
Please let me think I'm special, I'm not yours
On and off relationship
We may argue, a bad massage

State Tantra
PS I love you
State Tantra
Don't stop rubbing

Life in cotton, swimming in heaven
Your gestures free my mind from pressure
Cause we're all addicted to the same thing
A welfare blindfold on our eyes
Won't let us see that we're not free
They make what they want
Pretending we're able to think
Climbing down on futile points
Total massage on our brains
All victims of state tantra
Craving for identity

Dying how they wanted us to be
Knowing, changes nothing
Track Name: Wigcult Today
A black robe
And a white wig
The masquerade can begin
Put on the mask
A petty smile
An evil prose
Pack of Hangmen

Wigcult, Wigcult today
Hide your lies
Desperate cry

A toy hammer
And a wooden bench
Silly tools of a sentence
Life will never be the same

They'll speak in tongues
Declare your end
Justice imagery carnival of shame


Lawyers and judges gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil mind that plots destruction
Sorcerers of human condition